Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Social Network Theory

In reading from the authors Cross and Kadushin - I found it interesting networks seemed to work together. I was surprised by the idea that upon promotion an executive should not be moved into the center of the company as this will further create more information bottlenecks, but instead these people need to be moved to the peripheral. That idea seems to be illogical when looking over the heigharchy of an organization. I found this theory confusing and welcome some insight as to how this is a superior form of information sharing.

Also, I found it interesting that new experts that are brought into an organization due to their expertise have difficulty integrating into the new company in order to "prove themselves" which takes about 1-2 years. This caused me to suspect that perhaps it is in a company's best interest to hire and promote younger, "moldable" people into an organization in order to alleviate expert turnover.